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2011 Autumn Release
It’s about more than just selling online, it’s about becoming a better online retailer. You know that feeling–that you could be doing more, faster, better—but where to begin?At ChannelAdvisor, our entire Autumn Releaseis tailored to be your starting point. We’re helping you become a better online seller—getting you organized, surfacing the most vital information and creating ways to increase your products’ visibility.

Amazon 360

Amazon 360, the flagship feature of the Autumn Release, is a new, comprehensive dashboard that centralizes every key detail you need to know to be a top seller on Amazon. Upgrades

Don’t worry, we didn’t stop there. Our updated element mimics certain key features of our improved Amazon dashboard and allows you to better your product offerings. We’ve also added the ability to post new products to in any category, making your entire inventory visible to the audience.

Comparison Shopping Merchandiser

Beyond improving your experience on marketplaces, we’ve developed the Comparison Shopping Merchandiser to systematically transform your data feeds and simplify the process of expanding your customer base. The real-time preview is a fail-safe feature that guarantees your data feeds are always displayed correctly.

We’re giving you the tools to fine-tune the art of online selling. Download the one-pager now to learn more and find out how you can become a superior retailer.