Autumn Release 2015

Autumn Release 2015

Launching You Into the Next Era of E-Commerce. Buckle Up.

The next era of e-commerce is upon us. It’s an era in which marketplaces are multiplying overnight, and quick, smooth access is vital. It’s an era in which intelligent, data-driven analytics are not just nice to have, but essential for success. And it’s an era in which product-based advertising has evolved and begun to blur the traditional boundary lines of e-commerce.

But worry not. The 2015 ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release is your official launching pad into the future. Our newest tools, insights and functionality will not only guide you through the changes of today, but prepare you for the e-commerce innovations of tomorrow.

Are you ready for a new era of e-commerce? Buckle up.

A New Era of Marketplaces

  • Expand your global footprint to include marketplaces in Europe
  • Reach a broader set of emerging marketplaces enabled by the Access ChannelAdvisor programme

A New Era of Analytics

  • Allow data-driven insights of ECOMpass Benchmarking to give you perspective on your performance, the performance of your competitors and your future direction
  • Leverage intelligent FBA Analytics to gauge the cost and performance of your FBA products

A New Era of Product Advertising

  • Get full support for Facebook’s dynamic product ads, including ad previews, performance comparison and reporting
  • Optimise your digital marketing by levering the experience of our Managed Services team