Comparison Shopping Engines

CSEs: The Team Player of Digital Marketing

Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) play a pivotal role in an online shopper’s path to purchase. They attract savvy consumers who are researching and deal hunting — and are often ready to buy. They can also drive brand awareness and influence the top of your sales funnel, providing that extra push toward your website or making that display ad resonate even more. Think of them like that flexible, supportive, good-natured player that everyone wants on their (digital marketing) team.


Our Approach

You’re busy, and managing CSEs manually isn’t exactly a breeze. Our goal is to give you the technology you need to automate the process.

How do we do this? Our Data Transformation Engine. And it’s powerful. It transforms your single product data feed to meet the requirements of each CSE you’re sending your information to. Goodbye, hours and hours of manual work.


Why Comparison Shopping with ChannelAdvisor?

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expand100+ Options.

Share your products on over a hundred CSEs, both here and internationally.

Save TimeSave TimeOnly One Data Feed.

Say goodbye to managing a separate product feed for every. single. CSE. With our business rules, lookup lists and templates, you’ll be able to automate — instead of scrambling.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandSpringboard for Expansion.

Jump into the next big channel whenever you’re ready. With a detailed data feed up and running in ChannelAdvisor, the world is your oyster.

Gain InsightGain insightsReal-Time Previews.

Get a sneak peek of how your data will be displayed on each CSE — before you go live. No more crossing your fingers and holding your breath.

Gain InsightGain insightsSKU-Level Reporting.

Measure the success of each of your products across channels. And zoom out to see those bigger trends and analytics.

Gain InsightGain insightsExperts in Your Corner.

Take your Digital Marketing to the next level by enlisting the help of our Services team. (They’re kind of like Data Feed Wizards.)

Sound interesting? Give us a call to find out more, or take a look at our Digital Marketing datasheet.

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