ChannelAdvisor for Brands

Complete E-Commerce Support for Brands

The rise of e-commerce has completely disrupted branded manufacturers’ traditional distribution models.

If you’re a branded manufacturer, you already know this. The question is whether you’ve figured out your next e-commerce move.

Should you sell directly to consumers on marketplaces? Collaborate with your channel partners on new digital marketing strategies? Build a webstore? The answer is different for every company. But the bottom line is that if you’re not taking steps to address the shifting online landscape, you’re on your way to becoming obsolete.

Our Approach

After 14 years of helping thousands of retailers and brands sell online, we launched the ChannelAdvisor for Brands initiative. It’s the industry’s first holistic e-commerce initiative exclusively for brands. Our goal? To give you the tools and support you need, wherever you are in your e-commerce journey. Whether you’re simply partnering with resellers or selling directly to global consumers, we can help.

A Brand’s E-Commerce Lifecycle

Brands don’t all follow one single e-commerce path. But most fall into one or more of these phases:

Offline Only Authorised Resellers Site Linkage On-Site Transactions Fully Direct to Consumer
  • Website has info only
  • No retailers allowed to sell online
  • No presence on the marketplaces
  • Website has info only
  • Authorised retailers can sell online
  • First-party marketplaces can sell as authorised resellers
  • Experiment with direct to consumer
  • Start linking to retailers' sites to buy
  • Increased first-party marketplaces presence
  • Chanel conflict less of a worry
  • Link to global retailers' sites to buy
  • Thinking about third-party marketplaces
  • Sell directly and through resellers
  • Fully transactional with links to resellers
  • First- and third-party marketplaces
Direct to Consumer Adoption Rate
0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
ChannelAdvisor Solutions ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy
Digital Marketing

ChannelAdvisor for Brands: Solutions

ChannelAdvisor for Brands includes three separate solutions:

ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy

Don’t sell directly to consumers yet? Or maybe you do and want to complement your other strategies and strengthen relationships with resellers? Use the customisable Where to Buy widget to drive qualified consumer traffic from your website to your authorised retail partners.

ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are logical channels for experimenting with direct-to-consumer sales. With ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, you can list on dozens of marketplaces around the world — and not lose track of your inventory.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing

Once you sell directly to consumers, use ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to boost your traffic and visibility through channels like Google AdWords, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), social and more.

Why ChannelAdvisor for Brands?

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandMore Sales Opportunities.

Direct qualified traffic from your website to your preferred channel partners with ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandGlobal Scale.

Explore worldwide marketplaces via a single integration point. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces can expose your products to dozens of marketplaces — and millions of new customers.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandBrand Building.

Use ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to expand your global brand through hundreds of digital marketing channels, including Google, Facebook, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and many more.

Save TimeSave TimeGain InsightGain insightsE-Commerce Experience.

Find the right strategies for you. Our team of experts has over 14 years of experience on hundreds of online channels with thousands of retailers and brands.

Smarter Solutions.

We’re not just offering the industry’s first holistic e-commerce initiative for brands. We also have a robust, industry-leading platform and features to back it up. Our powerful feed technology can harness and transform your massive data catalogue into listings for the audience you want.

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700, check out some of our success stories or read more about how brands take their first direct-to-consumer step.

KEY Save Money= Increase ROI Gain Insight= Gain insightsScale Your Business= Scale and expandSave Time= Save time