ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy

Connecting Brands and Retailers

Branded manufacturers, does this scenario sound familiar?

A consumer comes to your website to learn about your products. They find a product they like. Problem is, you don’t sell directly to consumers. So where do they go next? (Hint: It’s probably not to an authorised seller’s site, as you might like.)

In reality, after they leave the safe confines of your website, consumers are likely lured by unauthorised resellers, knockoffs, competitors’ deals of the day and more. You don’t know where that shopper went, you have no data on them and you’ll probably never hear from them again.

Is there anything you can do?


Our Approach

ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy is the first step in a healthy e-commerce strategy for branded manufacturers. One simple widget can provide a seamless bridge from your website to your preferred resellers. As a result, you’ll give shoppers a clear, linear path for purchasing your products.

ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy:

  1. Sends interested shoppers to the resellers you prefer.
  2. Provides a better user experience.
  3. Gives you new, usable customer data.

Why ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy?

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandA Clear Purchase Path.

Connect shoppers on your website directly to the best buying experiences.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandHappier Retailers.

Strengthen your relationships with your authorized channel partners by referring highly qualified traffic to their sites.

Save TimeSave TimeUp-to-Date Links.

Relax knowing that Where to Buy automatically tracks your authorised retailers’ inventory and removes links when their products go out of stock.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandDigital Marketing Connections.

Turn the digital marketing and brand building you do through YouTube, Facebook, email and other channels into sales opportunities.

Gain InsightGain insightsMore Customer Knowledge.

Track page impressions and the number of leads you drive to retail partners from your website, social networks or other digital marketing channels.

Save TimeSave TimeA Customised Experience.

Design the Where to Buy widget to match the look and feel of your site, creating a consistent user experience.

Want to learn more about how ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy can help you? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700 or read more in this Where to Buy eBook.

KEY Save Money= Increase ROI Gain Insight= Gain insightsScale Your Business= Scale and expandSave Time= Save time