Webstores Amplifier

Amplify Your Webstore, Amplify Your Results

Your webstore may be the face of your online business, but its beating heart is your product data. And you want that data to flow freely among your e-commerce channels, right?

So why would you manage your webstore — and its inventory data — separately from your other channels?

Our Approach

With ChannelAdvisor’s Webstores Amplifier, your webstore and marketplaces will never again be separate islands. By syncing your inventory between your webstore and all the marketplaces you sell on, you’ll save time and resources — and amplify your reach, capabilities and results.


Why ChannelAdvisor Webstores Amplifier?

Save TimeSave TimeProduct Launches, Simplified.

Enter product information once and we’ll automatically create your listings for multiple channels — based on rules you set up.

Gain InsightGain insightsSave MoneyIncrease ROISynchronised Quantities.

Stop dividing inventory between your webstore and marketplaces — and worrying about overselling. As quantities change, we’ll update them automatically, across all channels.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIFulfilment Options.

Decide where to warehouse your product — whether it’s using a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) distribution centre or your own — and we’ll automatically route the order there.

Save TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandNew Webstores, Fast.

Select a group of products and spin up an additional Bigcommerce or Shopify webstore in no time at all.

Save TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandAbility to Expand.

Experiment, change, grow: You’re not locked into your current strategy. Update your webstore or add new marketplaces without the headache.

Sounding good? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700 or read this overview to learn more about how ChannelAdvisor Webstores Amplifier can help your inventory resonate the loudest it can across every online channel.

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