Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Without the Guesswork

New channels, new devices, shifting consumer behaviour: Digital marketing seems to change by the day.

That’s why you need a unified e-commerce solution that brings together the many, many aspects of digital marketing — and gives you the data you need to measure the performance of each of your online products.

On each channel. On each device. And on whatever comes next.

Our Approach

Retail is at our core — just as your products are at the core of your business. ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing takes your product data, transforms it and then sends it everywhere online shoppers are looking for products: search engines, social media, comparison shopping engines and more.

Then, we provide you with critical insights about your product performance that allow you to drive even more sales. Above all, we simplify the complex and chaotic world of digital marketing by streamlining the many channels within a single platform — and help make your digital marketing smarter.

Why ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing?

Retail Insights.

Use data about your products’ performance to make better decisions about keywords, seasonality, bidding and more.

Results on Google.

Give your Google Shopping campaigns a boost with our complete “4C” support for every aspect of Google Shopping.

Stronger Social Commerce.

Leverage the power of social media by promoting your products on the most retailer-friendly social platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Flexible Technology Working for You.

Upload your product data feed to our Data Transformation Engine and let it send the correct information in the correct format to hundreds of popular digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing. Simplified.

Streamline your online efforts by cutting out separate e-commerce software solutions for every aspect of your business.

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700, or continue reading about how ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing can help you improve your performance on Google Shopping, paid search, social media platforms, comparison shopping engines and more.