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Selling Internationally Can Help You Reach New Customers & Grow Sales

Are you looking for the next big e-commerce opportunity? It might be time to set your sights on international borders. Cross-border trade (CBT) offers lots of benefits, such as a vast number of new customers, the chance to overcome seasonality (it’s summer somewhere, after all) and a potential niche in an underserved market. No matter where you are in the process, ChannelAdvisor’s will help you grow with confidence.

Global Selling

ChannelAdvisor’s Approach

Expanding internationally requires a lot of moving pieces. That’s why we developed the Agile CBT Framework: to help you know where to start, and where to go next. Based on our experience helping online retailers sell abroad, we believe in:

  1. 1. Starting small — low investment, low risk.
  2. 2. Expanding slowly and adapting to changes and challenges.
  3. 3. Following a cycle of testing, learning, iterating and integrating.

Who We Are

ChannelAdvisor is a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to integrate, manage and optimise their merchandise sales across hundreds of online channels including Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and more. With over 2,800 customers globally, ChannelAdvisor helps retailers and brands expand to new international channels every day.

The ChannelAdvisor Agile CBT Framework

Agile CBT involves four flexible stages. Each stage builds on previous stages and solutions, and no two CBT paths will be the same. You might iterate on one stage for a while before moving to the next. Or you might skip a stage in some markets.

1: Passive

Goal: Tap into channels with loyal customers and existing demand.

  • Explore international selling programmes on marketplaces you already sell on
  • Ship from your home market
  • Localise your webstore checkout process for international orders
  • Begin to tackle shipping and returns, taxes and legal processes

2. Active

Goal: Increase your engagement in the new market.

  • Sell directly on the region’s home marketplaces
  • List products in local language and currency
  • Offer customer service in local language
  • Address any lingering tax, legal or accounting issues

3. Lite Site

Goal: Become fully equipped and prepared for the final stage.

  • Launch a local, “lite” version of your webstore
  • Focus on basic site functionality
  • Begin low-risk retention marketing such as affiliate, retargeting, email and social
  • Build your reputation and customer service
  • Strengthen your local logistics

4. Full Site

Goal: Offer a fully local e-commerce experience.

  • Provide full website functionality, including mobile optimisation
  • Ramp up marketing, including paid advertising, to acquire customers
  • Continue adjusting processes to keep up with industry and demand
  • Use previous lessons learned to continue to expand to other regions

Why Go International with ChannelAdvisor?

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandDozens of Channels.

Choose from a multitude of international marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and more. See all our supported channels here.

Save TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandEasier Fulfilment.

Use the ChannelAdvisor interface to manage international selling programmes, such as Fulfilment by Amazon and eBay’s Global shipping Programme. Ship to a UK location, then they’ll take care of global delivery.

Save TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandGain InsightGain insightsGlobal Locations.

Take advantage of our offices around the world. We offer on-the-ground local experience and support in the most influential e-commerce regions.

Scale Your BusinessScale and expandGain InsightGain insightsA Trusted Framework.

Stop worrying about what your next global step is. Retailers have found our international process so helpful, we decided to give it a name. Learn more about Agile CBT.

Scale Your BusinessScale and expandGain InsightGain insightsReally Smart Partners.

Access a big network of bright people. (Because CBT takes a village.) You’ll need shipping experts, tax experts, translation experts…the list goes on. See all our partners here.

KEY Save Money= Increase ROI Gain Insight= Gain insightsScale Your Business= Scale and expandSave Time= Save time

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