Google Shopping

Own the Google Results Page with Shopping Campaigns.

As a consumer searching for a product, how often do you just “Google it”? If you’re like most shoppers, you Google a lot. And if you’re like most shoppers, your eyes and your mouse are drawn to the ads at the top of the results page with the dynamic images and helpful descriptions. Those are Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and they’re driven by Google’s Shopping campaigns and based on your product data. They’re also highly lucrative and highly sought after by retailers and brands.

Our Approach

ChannelAdvisor can help your products stake a claim on this prime piece of retailer real estate. We believe that most retailers are limiting the profitability of their Shopping campaigns with solutions that offer only partial support. We close the loop by offering complete and unified retail-centric support for what we call the “4C’s of Google Shopping.”

The 4C’s of Google Shopping


Your feed content is the backbone of your campaign.

How we help:

Transform and enhance product data with the Merchandising Engine
Integrate Google Merchant Promotions
Use the Product Image A/B Tester to find the best-performing images
Generate custom labels automatically

Campaign Structure

Sound structure leads to successful bidding.

How we help (with the Product Group Generator):

Create product groups in bulk
Build campaigns 37x faster than manually
Sync product catalogue (+ new products) automatically
Build product groups for A/B testing

Correct Bidding

The right bids can be the difference between your ads landing in the top page position — or being left out in the cold.

How we help:

Automate bids based on goals
Optimise bids with Mobile Bid Adjuster
Automate bid adjustments across devices
Bulk bid on product groups by % or absolute value

Cross-Channel Analytics

Consistent monitoring helps your campaigns run smoothly.

How we help:

Enable quick campaign changes via Actionable Reporting
Combat overly broad queries with Negative Keyword tool
Show how Shopping campaigns influence other channels
Report on performance by device

Why Shopping Campaigns with ChannelAdvisor?

Save TimeSave TimeTime Saved.

Don’t waste time building a new campaign structure whenever you add new products or devices. We’ll help you automate.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIAn Eye to ROI.

Say goodbye to the costly bids that are draining your e-commerce budget. Automated bidding by device can help boost your ROI.

Gain InsightGain insightsCompetitive Insights.

Use cross-channel analytics and performance-by-device reporting to gain that extra advantage over your competitors.

Gain InsightGain insightsNo More Guesswork.

Find the right images by using our Product Image A/B Tester, which makes recommendations based on performance data.

Scale Your BusinessScale and expandEnd-to-End Support.

Avoid the miscommunication that comes with using different providers to manage different parts of your campaigns. We cover it all with our 4C’s framework.

Ready to master Shopping campaigns and own the Google results page? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700. To learn more about ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, download our datasheet.

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