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Amazon, eBay and Beyond

Marketplaces + ChannelAdvisor = E-Commerce Growth

You already know why a marketplaces strategy is essential for your online business.

But how does ChannelAdvisor turn your strategy into action? And help you continue to improve?

With a marketplaces solution that’s robust, smart and scalable.

How It Works

Our platform is built around a single integration point — a single point that can take your product data feed and transform it into product listings on over 40 marketplaces around the globe.

And we’ve developed the many features within ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to help you list products faster, optimise listings for more sales and manage fulfilment easier. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces is the one solution you need to:

Organise Product Information

Make sense of the many listing requirements of each marketplace by letting our powerful Data Transformation Engine format and organise your product data.

  • Product Mapping: Use a single, category-specific template to define what product data gets sent to a marketplace.
  • Lookup Lists: Match your product information to each marketplace’s format — automatically.
  • Dynamic Business Rules: Transform your product data for each channel without manually adjusting each item.
  • Bundles: Group multiple SKUs.
  • Product Variations: Expand your Bundle options with choices like size, colour and more.

Multitask on Multiple Marketplaces

Know which products are available and where. And make overselling a thing of the past.

  • Inventory Juggler: List the same product quantity across every marketplace.
  • Advanced Quantity Management: Determine the advertised quantity and use buffers to control it.
  • Out-of-Stock Inventory Blocking: Remove products immediately (and make sure they’re not relisted) when inventory goes out of stock or runs low.
  • Multiple Distribution Centres: Track stock levels at each fulfilment centre, whether you use your own warehouse, Fulfilment by Amazon or a third party.
  • Scheduling: Set duration, frequency, type, quantity and relist frequency for each listing.
  • Categoriser: Classify your products automatically to fit each marketplace’s specifications.

Reprice Strategically

Keep close tabs on your Amazon prices (and your competitors’) with the ChannelAdvisor Repricer with Pricewatch.

The Repricer:

  • Automatically monitors the pricing landscape for your catalogue around the clock and responds to changes immediately.
  • Prioritises pricing changes based on best sellers.
  • Generates (and tests) repricing rules by product type, brand, length in warehouse and more.
  • Segments pricing strategies for seller-fulfilled and Fulfilment by Amazon.
  • Compares against competitors.
  • Learns from historical pricing data.

Manage Orders

Because making the sale is only half the battle.

  • Order Management: Fulfil orders efficiently and improve the buyer’s post-sale experience.
  • Post-Sales Tracking: Monitor orders through the fulfilment cycle and use analytics to improve your process.
  • Order Consolidator: Detect orders from the same eBay buyers to save on shipping costs.
  • Customisable Invoice Templates: Deliver the right message for each order.

Turn Insights into Action

Make informed decisions about your strategies and execution on Amazon, eBay and beyond.

  • 360 Dashboard: Gain insights about performance and account standing on multiple marketplaces. Create a customised view of trends and reports by adding more than two dozen widgets
  • Cross-Channel Dashboard: Get details on transactional data by day, week, month or quarter, so you can compare sales and trends across marketplaces and your webstore.
  • Inventory Velocity Report: Source products strategically with detailed information on recent sales of each product.
  • Sales History Reports: Keep accurate profit and loss records.
  • Schedule product listings based on performance, so your top-performing products are always visible to shoppers.
  • Amazon Insights: Improve your Amazon strategies with targeted insights on inventory, product performance, pricing, listing quality, fulfilment and more.
  • eBay Insights: Optimise your eBay performance with insights on data quality, item specifics, image and UPC recommendations and more.

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700, or continue reading about how we can help you amplify your webstore and go global with cross-border trade.

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