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Paid Search

Search is complicated. Retail is complicated. Therefore, we focus on three things to make your life easier: efficiency, conversion and optimisation. Our tools are designed to work the way retail marketers work and streamline the routine. There is a lot of data out there. However, it is difficult to decide what will result in more conversions. Therefore, we focus on retail specific insights to help you bolster your performance. From there, we offer suggestions to help you continually optimise.

Understand the Value of Paid Search

Understand the Value of Paid Search

Digital advertising is evolving. The customer journey involves multiple interactions, touchpoints, devices, keywords and channels. With billions of online searches each month,* you need to be seen. You need data to drive decisions. Your products need to be found — on mobile, tablet and desktop.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing uses your inventory product feed as a source of truth for product attributes, stock status and prices. It dynamically generates keywords and ad copy, keeps ad status in sync with stock, provides robust keyword-discovery tools and in-depth performance metrics across tracked channels and devices.

No longer stress about bid management. With Digital Marketing you can track customers’ behaviour to make keen bid decisions based on device. Further, ensure full coverage of your product catalogue in all the places your customers are looking with support for pay-per-click (PPC) programmes as well as major shopping providers.

*comScore, January 2014

Assess Performance

Assess Performance

Do you want to overspend on keywords that don’t convert? Or even worse, underspend on words that  generate a significant portion of your revenue?  How about recreate the wheel with every season? What if you had insight into the shopper journey to help create a holistic conversion strategy?

At ChannelAdvisor our focus is retail.  Period. Our actionable reporting provides retail-specific insights designed to track conversions and ROI.

Our detailed reports can generate keywords that you should bid on, help you eliminate those that are affecting your performance, provide a historical view of what performed well and what didn’t for the same season last year.  We also show you which channels helped assist conversions so you can bolster those channels and keywords as well.

Keyword Generator: Generates a list of keywords that are converting, but for which you do not currently have bids.  You can also add those keywords to multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.

Negative Keyword Suggestions: Provides a list of keywords that are hurting your ROI and allows you to add these negative keywords to multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.

Seasonal Bid Adjuster: Details products and bids from the same time last season so that you can replicate bids that were performing well and remove those that were not.

Bid for ROI

Would you just hand over your credit card without seeing the bill or even the total?  Many bidding tools expect the equivalent of this by not showing you how your bids are formulated and adjusted.  At ChannelAdvisor, we want to show off our work. Our Automated Bid Manager demonstrates how we are adjusting your bids and you get full transparency into bid changes.

After you use our tools you’ll understand why we are so proud to share our work. We give credit to keywords that assist in the conversion path.  We help you tailor rules at the ad group level so that you can meet your financial targets and goals.  In short, we do the work for you, but still give you the control.


We developed our Portfolio Bidder with retailers and brands in mind. Based on product-specific cost data, our bidder can incorporate margin metrics to maximise profits. The portfolio bidder increases overall revenue by using predictive analytics to place the best bids for each keyword. Additionally, the bidder interprets signals from similar keywords to estimate metrics for keywords with insufficient traffic levels.

Capture Converting Traffic

Capture Converting Traffic

We know that in the fast-paced, constantly changing world that is retail, efficiency is critical.  We also understand that conversion is king.

To convert more, you need robust keyword coverage.  Therefore, we’ve created tools to help you expand the query variations that have proven successful.  We can also help you identify negative keywords that are detracting from your performance.

Plus, you don’t have to spend time trying to remember what worked well for you before. Our seasonal keyword insights incorporate smart bidding to help you improve upon what you did last season and avoid terms that did not perform well.

Since retail is in our DNA, ChannelAdvisor gives you the information you need to improve conversions and work more efficiently.

Manage Promotions

Manage Promotions

For a retailer or brand, it’s vital to capitalise on those shopper mindshare moments. One of the best ways to do so: Promotions.

With ChannelAdvisor Ad Management, you can schedule ads in advance of promotions; they’ll be reviewed by providers then remain in a paused state until they are scheduled to go live. Review and compare the performance of your ads with our detailed Ad Reporting.

ChannelAdvisor’s Ad Management lets you ensure that your ads are timely and hitting their targets, which is critical to the success of promotions.