Rich Media

All the Benefits of In-Store Shopping — Online.

Showrooming emerged because consumers wanted a close-up (and bird’s eye and multi-angle) view of online products. Now, you can save them a trip to the mall and increase the chances that they’ll buy from you. High-quality images with multiple viewing options help create an engaging experience that rivals the in-store one.

Our Approach

ChannelAdvisor Rich Media helps replicate that tangible, in-person shopping experience online. We believe that high-quality images with multiple viewing options will lead to:
  1. Confident shoppers who know what they’re getting.
  2. Which means fewer product returns.
  3. And repeat buyers.

Why Rich Media with ChannelAdvisor?

Save TimeSave TimeOrganised Images.

House your digital assets in one spot, and make sure you’re sending the right ones to the right places — and at the right time.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIAll Sizes and Angles.

Give shoppers a variety of product views, with click and rollover zoom, panning flexibility, alternative views, colour swatches, videos or even a 360 viewer.

Gain InsightGain insightsA Sneak Peek.

Use the Preview Mode to view any media changes on your site before publishing them to your audience.

Scale Your BusinessScale and expandSave TimeSave TimeVersion Control.

Customise your images for holidays, sales and other occasions with the Versioning Control feature.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIDevice Optimisation.

Catch shoppers on the go by optimising viewing options for tablet and mobile.

Save TimeSave TimeEasy Integration.

Connect ChannelAdvisor Rich Media to your existing e-commerce solution, without a massive learning curve.

Sound intriguing? Give us a call to find out more, or download our Rich Media data sheet.

KEY Save Money= Increase ROI Gain Insight= Gain InsightsScale Your Business= Scale and expandSave Time= Save time