Marketplaces Success Starts Here

Millions of new customers await you on marketplaces.

Adding marketplaces to your multichannel e-commerce strategy means a bigger audience and new, exciting geographies for your products.

But for many retailers and brands, the complicated business of optimising thousands of product listings, managing orders and overseeing speedy fulfilment can drain resources from big-picture strategy and channel expansion. Not to mention that there are always new marketplaces cropping up. Beyond the usual suspects like Amazon and eBay, there’s Rakuten, Zalando, Tesco and dozens more.

Take control of the many opportunities available on marketplaces with an e-commerce provider that has the technology and experience to scale your business.

Our Approach

Whether you sell on one marketplace or a dozen, we offer an industry-leading solution for marketplaces success. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces will help you list, manage and optimise all your product listings, on over 40 marketplaces (and counting) around the globe. Meanwhile, we’ll keep your inventory levels in sync and your product orders organised, as well as give you access to valuable reporting analytics that’ll help you sell smarter.

With over 2,000 marketplace clients, and over 14 years of experience, we’ve not only seen it all before, but we also see the trends before they happen and help you take advantage of them.

Why ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces?

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandDozens of Marketplaces.

ChannelAdvisor supports over 40 domestic and international marketplaces, giving you more options and more potential buyers for your products.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIGain InsightGain insightsSave TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandInnovative Features.

Make your experience selling on marketplaces better. Many of the tools within our Marketplaces platform are the first — and only — of their kind. We’ll let everyone else play catch-up.

Save MoneyIncrease ROISave TimeSave TimeOptimised for SEO on Marketplaces.

Show up more often in searches on marketplaces with technology and automation that can help you transform, categorise and map your data into product listings that are a notch above the rest.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIGain InsightGain insightsSave TimeSave TimeSynced Inventory.

Juggle your product quantities across all your marketplaces and your webstore automatically by syncing them with our Webstores Amplifier.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIScale Your BusinessScale and expandThe World at Your Fingertips.

Make cross-border trade a breeze with integrations to the most popular marketplaces around the globe.

Gain InsightGain insightsScale Your BusinessScale and expandFuture-Proofed.

Take comfort knowing that we’re months ahead of you, integrating with the newest and greatest marketplaces. So when you’re ready to launch somewhere new, you can.

Save MoneyIncrease ROIGain InsightGain insightsSave TimeSave TimeScale Your BusinessScale and expandThe Entire Puzzle.

Stop limiting your e-commerce expertise to one or two areas. From in-depth reporting on your individual products to international fulfilment options, you can excel at it all from one platform.

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 0203 014 2700, or continue reading about how to improve your performance with ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, how to take your products across borders and how to amplify your webstore.

KEY Save Money= Increase ROI Gain Insight= Gain insightsScale Your Business= Scale and expandSave Time= Save time