Understand the Value of Marketplaces

At ChannelAdvisor, we define a marketplace as an online channel through which the transaction occurs, rather than a paid search or comparison shopping channel that sends traffic back to your webstore. Amazon and eBay are the most commonly known marketplaces; however, marketplaces such as Rakuten’s Play.com, Tesco, La Redoute, Sears, Trade Me and many more are crowding the space, in a good way. What this means for you is more places to sell, access to more shoppers and more channels of demand. The modern shopper is likely starting their search on a third-party marketplace – if you aren’t there, you’re missing an opportunity to sell. Both eBay and Amazon have millions of loyal shoppers, and they spend millions on advertising, logistics and more to maintain their audiences and engage new browsers. The established nature of these marketplaces make them a logical place for sellers to begin selling. However, expanding to additional marketplaces is one of the quickest ways for sellers to expand their reach, increase orders and, most importantly, grow revenue. Learn more about how Marketplaces solution helps retailers and branded manufacturers sell more.