Roadmap to Google Shopping Success

Google Shopping Roadmap

Welcome to the Retailer’s Roadmap to Google Shopping Success, ChannelAdvisor’s series of solutions to guide retailers to Google Shopping success.

So what is Google Shopping? What’s really changing? In a nutshell, Google Product Search is out and Google Shopping is in.  On October 17, 2012, all traffic will flow through the new commercial Google Shopping experience.

What does that mean to you, the online retailer? ChannelAdvisor has you covered. With our 2012 Autumn Release, ChannelAdvisor unveiled a new technology to help retailers manage and optimize their Google Shopping performance. We’ve combined the power of our industry-leading feed management software with reporting and optimization tools specific to Product Listing Ads, the driving force behind Google Shopping.

Follow our Roadmap to Google Shopping Success and see how ChannelAdvisor’s unified platform will ensure that your ride through Google Shopping is a smooth one.

Step 1 – Preparing for the Trip (Getting Set Up)

Tip Sheets

We’ve created a pair of tip sheets to provide you a quick understanding of Google Shopping and how to become successful on this channel.

“Tuesday 20” Webinar Series

ChannelAdvisor’s Tuesday 20 is a webinar series that covers all of the hot topics in e-commerce. Our inaugural Tuesday 20 series focused on Google Shopping, and featured Google and ChannelAdvisor experts.  Click on the links below to view the recordings from these 20 minute webinars.

Step 2 – Hitting the Road (Implementation)

“Tuesday 20” Webinar Series

Autumn Release 2012 eBook

The ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2012 eBook showcases how this release will help retailers acquire more customers and earn more conversions through Google Shopping.

Autumn Release Google Shopping Webinar

ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn Release Webinar: Google Shopping  Join Product Managers Jim Dechow and Jackie Jenkins to learn about ChannelAdvisor’s new Google Shopping feature. 

Step 3 – Arriving at your Destination (Success)

Case Study:

  • Video: Google Shopping Success Story:, an Internet Retailer 500 company offering tools, hardware and more, lists all its products in Google Shopping via PLAs. Watch’s e-Commerce Director outline how the company has experienced significant increases in its traffic and conversion rates.
  • PDF: Google Shopping Success Story:
    Read how’s average order value is up by nearly 15% since signing up for PLAs, and the sale of thousands of items it once considered “dead” have been reinvigorated.

CSE Strategies Blog

We’re regularly updating the CSE Strategies blog with all of the important news about Google Shopping as well as updates and trends from across the ChannelAdvisor community. Make sure you’ve subscribed to the RSS feed.

ChannelAdvisor Customers

Visit the SSC for more product-focused details and exclusive access to our How-to Google Shopping video series that includes:

  • How to Create a Google Shopping Compatible Feed
  • Creating Google Shopping Product Targets
  • Google Shopping Reporting and Strategy, and more

Important Dates

June 27th

  • Google “One Box” transitioned to Google Shopping experience, meaning the bulk of traffic will now flow through the new, commercial system

September 6th

October 17th

  • All shopping moves over to the commercial Google Shopping experience.