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Let’s face it, e-commerce continues to get more complex.  Shoppers are using multiple devices, searching for products in multiple ways and their paths to purchase are more winding than ever.  This complexity becomes exponential when you have to navigate the changes that Google is making to address changing shopper behavior.  Now marketers have to become experts at Enhanced Campaigns and Google Shopping.  All while keeping their eye on the ultimate objectives of driving and converting traffic.

Once you get the sale, then you have a whole new layer of complexity.  How do you best fulfill the product?  How do you ensure that you manage your quantity accurately so that you can advertise everywhere, but not be afraid of overselling?

Search Insights for Retailers

With the 2013 Spring Release, ChannelAdvisor helps you cut through that complexity.  We’ve reinvented our Search product to provide valuable insights specific to retailers and to support Enhanced Campaigns.  We’ve provided tools to help you maximize your ROI with Google Shopping by helping you eliminate negative keywords.

Virtualize Your Inventory

We also make sure that you never miss a sale helping you virtualize your inventory.  By allowing you to juggle quantity across advertising channels–including eBay global sites– you can advertise your full quantity everywhere. Once the sale is made, you have flexibility in fulfillment with Multi-Channel FBA.

Find out more about how our Spring Release can help you navigate complexity.