Price for Profit with the Leading Dynamic Pricing Engine

Wiser provides a complete suite of solutions to give retailers, brands, and manufacturers the edge to stay both competitive and most importantly, profitable.

Wiser’s dynamic pricing engine, WisePricer, is a full-featured pricing and merchandising platform that monitors, analyses and reprices retail products in real-time. More than just a competitive monitoring tool, WisePricer is a true pricing engine with robust analytics and reporting features that allow retailers to see the actual sales and profitability impact of their repricing rules.

With automated repricing and easy sync, WisePricer enables retailers to boost profit margins and revenue, price with confidence, and improve merchandising through powering the development of a sound pricing strategy. With WisePricer, it’s easy for retailers to price for profit.

Wiser also offers a MAP monitoring solution, WiseMapper, for brands and manufacturers to monitor and protect their pricing across the thousands of retailers selling their products.

The Wiser Approach

Awareness: The most comprehensive data, tailored to your pricing needs

Gain valuable insight about your competitors with a strong match guarantee

  • Store sync: Instant seamless integration
  • Direct crawlers: Scrape specific competitor websites
  • Spy Agent: Leverage image recognition to pull back the best matches
  • Competitive landscape: Brand, category, or custom-level competitive data

Automation: Reprice your products to optimise for profit

Set advanced repricing rules to optimise for profit

  • Beat your competitors
  • Optimise for conversion, sales, time of day or even use dynamic rules
  • View a pricing history

Analysis: Set prices that enable you to sell more and win over online customers

Achieve the ideal pricing structure to rise above the competition by reaching your target market and maximising profits

  • See the revenue results in real-time
  • Find the “sweet spots”
  • Better your internal pricing strategy

Why Wiser?

We provide retail price intelligence, automation, and analytics to help drive profitable pricing strategies.

On average, companies using WisePricer see:

  • 22% Increase in Revenue
  • 7% Increase in Profit
  • 18% increase in Conversion Rate


  • Track products across multiple marketplaces
  • Dedicated eBay and webstore repricing tools
  • Monitor competitors across any e-commerce site
  • Real-time pricing data
  • Customisable pricing rules and automated repricing capabilities
  • Seamless setup
  • 30-day product tracking history
  • Automatically fill in missing product data

About Wiser

For retailers, it’s all about offering the right product, at the right time, at the right price. It seemed like there was one e-commerce behemoth that was doing it right by utilising the power of data to optimise their strategy. We created Wiser because we wanted to disrupt Amazon’s hold on dynamic pricing by providing the necessary technology to retailers. We bring Amazon’s wisdom to the world’s top merchants by monitoring over 25 million products daily and analysing data in real-time.

“We believe that online stores should not only have the ability to thrive, but also get ahead.”

–       Arie Shpanya, Co-founder and CEO

Wiser is a product by retailers, for retailers. Our founding team is composed of e-commerce experts that were involved in all facets of the e-commerce space: on the retailer, consulting, and technology side. We have the advantage of having not only the technological expertise, but the merchandising and marketing understanding. As a result, we built WisePricer, Wiser’s flagship product and developed optimal functionality from the retailer’s perspective.

We developed our own advanced product tracking technology and launched in August 2012 with our first product. An innovator in price intelligence, we have since leveraged that technology to successfully launch the growing suite of Wiser products designed to meet the business intelligence needs of both retailers and manufacturers.

Hitting profitability in less than 9 months, Wiser prides itself on being one of the rare startups in the Bay Area that was able to completely bootstrap to profitability without venture capital investment and continues to grow at a staggering 30-35% rate, month over month.