Retail SEO: Tips for Sellers

November 27, 2017

Digital Marketing Gautam Srivastava By Gautam Srivastava

As sellers, we have to ensure we are visibile where and when our potential customers are looking to buy.

That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. SEO is not just a digital marketing channel to be visited sporadically, it’s hygiene for your business.

So what do you need to know about SEO and specifically retail SEO to help you sell more?

What is SEO?

SEO is the ranking of your site or shop in organic listings on Google, Bing or any other search engine.

These appear below the paid for or Pay Per Click (PPC) listings but are ‘organic’ and thus have no immediate cost attached to them.

The higher your ‘SEO value’ – the more likely you are to appear in Search and be found by potential customers.

Why is SEO important?


When your site is the top listing in a web search, your business automatically gets in front of new potential buyers.

PPC is a tap that can be turned on at a cost, whereas SEO or ‘organic ranking’ mean a consistent presence at little to no cost to you.


Google likes brands and ranks them accordingly.

So, If Google trusts your site and places it higher in the search rankings, customers are more likely to trust and ultimately buy from you.

More Clicks
Organic listings on average get 8.5x as many clicks as PPC. The remaining few clicks go on paid ads and lower organic listings.

The same report goes on to say that PPC does have slightly more favourable conversion rates, but as this is a paid for channel – it makes sense to optimise for SEO.

So, How Do I Boost my SEO?

SEO can make a massive contribution toward your e-commerce sales and it doesn’t have to mean wholesale changes to your digital business, small tweaks can too make a huge difference.

Here’s a rundown of our top tips to boost your SEO.

Build Links

Links – as in other websites linking to pages on your site – are currency in SEO. These provide Google with a signal that the website linking to your site trusts you and is linking to a useful piece of content. Google rewards this trust and promotes accordingly, this is the bedrock of SEO.

Focus Your Content

Anyone in SEO will tell you content is key to boosting SEO, but it’s about creating the right content rather than the volume of content you create.

Create content and landing pages around high-volume, highly transactional keywords, i.e. if you make shoes, create content around topics you know drive interest, ‘best shoes for winter walks’ for example.

If you’re struggling to find this information there are great tools out there like SEMrush that can assist.

Re-use existing landing pages

Google bestows value to legacy. So, it’s much easier to boost the ranking of a page Google already knows and trusts than to start fresh with a blank page.

So, if you’re looking to promote a certain product or product set check your site to see if you have any old content that is thematically similar and re-use these pages rather than starting over.

Keep content fresh

Google wants to feel it’s giving its users the latest information. As such, pages that are more frequently edited and updated with new content tend to rank higher.

Don’t be superficial though, add useful, new and relevant content to pages to ensure freshness.

Speed is key

With more and more users shopping on their handheld devices, ensuring a seamless buying experience is key.

Back in 2012, Amazon calculated that just one second of slowdown in page load speed costs them $1.6 billion in lost sales, the report made a blunt point: when providing a great e-commerce experience, speed matters.

Google is no different. Google wants to ensure users get the best possible experience so prioritises faster-loading pages.

Avoiding heavy images and unnecessary widgets for mobile users will be rewarded.  

In short, treat your customers as you’d want to be treated yourself. There is no dark art to SEO, it’s all about giving the best customer experience possible.

So, when thinking about your business think long and hard and make sure you’re delivering the right content to your users and giving them the best experience possible. If you do this Google will reward you and more importantly so will your customers.

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