#CatalystEU Recap: Best of Google’s Presentation at Catalyst Europe

One of the highlights of Catalyst Europe 2017 was welcoming Google on stage. In doing so, we received an insightful presentation from not one, but two top industry heads at the same time!

Tim Woollias, senior industry head at Google, co-presented the afternoon session with Michael Wicks, Google shopping lead in the UK. Catalyst attendees had the pleasure to listen to our Google speakers take a 360-degree view of the digital marketing landscape, and delve into the latest Google updates from across the globe. Woollias and Wicks shared insights into important initiatives and provided retailers and brands in the audience with insider tips on how to further leverage Google to grow their online success.

Woollias kicked off the Google keynote by pointing out that Google is now a truly mobile-first company. Woollias predicted that 82% of all online retail in the UK would be on a smartphone by 2020.

So what does it all mean? Retailers need to up their game to capture all the moments when they can potentially interact with consumers. According to Woollias, they also need to use data wisely; looking at store visits, for example, IKEA found that 10% of ad clicks also led to a store visit. OK, Google… What else should we remember?

“Speed up,” said Woollias — use technologies like progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages to speed up user experience.

During his part of the session, Wicks spoke about the importance of aligning marketing to wider business objectives. Retailers should add commercial data to their product feed and use this information to bid more intelligently.

We also learned a lot about what’s next for Google Shopping. During this insightful session, our experts revealed Google’s conceptual product-shoppable images would make content automatically linked to products. And what about search trends? According to Google 30% of all searches will happen without a screen by 2020.

The future seems pretty bright for the search giant.

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