#CatalystRecap: Top 3 Observations from Mark Andeer at Catalyst Europe 2017

When we welcomed marketing guru and The Escape Pod CMO Mark Andeer to the Catalyst Europe stage this year, we expected some captivating insights from the man who launched the viral ElfYourself campaign for Office Depot (included in the Forbes top 10 viral websites ever created!). Yet the session surpassed all our expectations. Here are the top three observations from the memorable Catalyst Europe session.

Connect with Your Customer Emotionally

For Mark Andeer, facts lead to conclusions, while emotions lead to actions. This idea, taken from a famous quote by Canadian neurologist Donald Calne has never rung more true when it comes to modern marketing. As Andeer puts it, data and insight may steer a brand, but emotions propel a brand. Therefore, you need to know your audience and bring your brand to life in the most dramatic way possible to make an emotional impact on your customers. Emotionally connected customers are more valuable than data and can have a significant impact on revenue and profitability. Andeer revealed that customers who form an emotional attachment to a brand are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied. They will buy more, care less about price, pay attention, follow advice and spread the word.

Use Your Differences to Bring You to the Top

Once you know your customers and are emotionally connected to them, you can find out what makes them tick and what doesn’t. You can also find ways to bring something to them, something that may be missing in current advertising. As Andeer explained, most people a company that is falling behind in its category probably walk around the office wondering why they’re not doing what the number one company is doing. This attitude will not differentiate you from others. Know what’s going on in your industry, but make sure you bring something new to the table.

Keep Your Media Buying Aligned with the Emotional Drivers

As Andeer demonstrated at Catalyst Europe, it is healthy for a brand to experiment. As long as they stay narrow in strategy, brands can be broad in creative exploration. However, it is essential to keep advertising and media buying in alignment with identified emotional drivers — to target the right people at the right time. In his closing thoughts, Andeer referred to a line from American neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor in which she states that instead of being thinking creatures who feel, we are actually feeling creatures who think. This last observation confirms customers’ feelings drive their actions towards a brand, and those feelings cannot be neglected.

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