results from eBay results today

April 18, 2007

During eBay’s conference call today, Meg had a blurb about and talked a little smack about Shopzilla:

“ also had a great quarter. Globally, Shopping delivered 29%
year-over-year growth in Q1 and according to the March comScore data,
the network continues to lead the category in unique
visitors. Traffic growth in the U.S. was 10% up year over year,
significantly outpacing the nearest competitor.”

I need to dig into what’s going on at ‘Zilla these days, I’m hearing lots of industry buzz that Scripps put the Kibosh on all their paid-search spend and their traffic numbers are plummeting.  The difference of opinions on the topic is rumored to have been what caused the ‘Zilla founders to hit the doors.

Have any good info about this? – shoot me a note.