Two new CSEs on the block

April 28, 2007

What do a former eToys co-founder and a merchandising company have in common?

They both just launched new CSEs.

Frank Han, formerly of eToys, launched Glimpse yesterday.  Glimpse targets women in their 20s and 30s who don’t care about bargain shopping and want to browse by styles worn by well-known celebrities.  Women can also browse by designer, “featured stores” and “hot trends.”

Now I’m no women’s fashionista, but a quick test with a female friend of mine got the “thumbs up” test.  In fact, I think she’s going back to shop on the site.  I should get a commission.

Her single critique was that the index’s body looked cluttered.  I agree.

Glimpse competes directly with Like (also targeting women in this demographic) and Amazon’s Endless — but this property only focuses on shoes., a site recently launched by parent company Kriyari, uses technology that brings shoppers directly to  a merchant’s storefront.

In theory it makes sense.  On the technical side, all you have to do is provide an iFrame or something directly to the  merchant’s product page.  This eliminates feeds and the delays encountered there.  And shoppers who have affinities for retail brands essentially get a dashboard of their favourite stores in which to browse.

But WB’s execution needs improvement.  I should be taken DIRECTLY to the product page, not a page that lists a dozen other categories and mentions my product once below the fold.  This happened to me quite often while browsing for an iPod — I can’t tell you how many times I saw digital cameras and camcorders where Apple’s lovely product should have been.