A Guide to Amazon A+ Content

August 8, 2017

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By Barbara Riccardi

What is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is an enhanced brand content offering available to all Amazon vendors known as first-party (1P) sellers. With A+ Content, you’re able to add more detailed item descriptions, heightened images, comparison charts, videos and more. This offering allows you to showcase your brand and better convey the value of your products to help customers make informed buying decisions.

Amazon Stats about A+ contentBenefits of using A+ Content

Typically, consumers will find this additional content below the fold on a product detail page, under the section “From the Manufacturer.”

How much does it cost?

Cost will vary depending on whether you choose the “Self-Service” module or the “Amazon Builds for You” module. For example in the US, with Self-Service, you can expect to pay up to $400 per product detail page. With this option, you’re in control of designing your layout, providing all images and creating the content, which means that the Self-Service module should be used by people with experience marketing to consumers and know how to best position the product.

If you don’t have someone who knows how to do this, we recommend choosing the Amazon Builds for You module. Using dollars, with this service, you can expect to pay about three times more than you would for the self-service option, typically anywhere from $500 – $1500 per product detail page. If you decide to go with the Amazon Builds offering, you’re responsible for providing Amazon with the content and photos, but Amazon picks the layout and design of the actual A+ detail page.

How do I get started?

  • Log into Vendor Central and hover over the Merchandising Tab. Select “A+ Detail Pages” from the dropdown.
  • Select either the Self-Service module or the Amazon Builds for You module.

A+ Detail pages options: Self-Service or Amazon Builds

  • If you select the Self-Service module, you will be brought to a page that allows you to enter an ASIN. Here you will enter the ASIN of the product you’ve chosen for A+ content.
  • On the same page, you will need to enter a project name. Add a descriptive name for your project. You will likely want to include either the product title, ASIN or both in the name. Click Continue once you are done.
  • Next, you will design your page layout. Drag and drop the elements from the left-hand column to the right that you want to use for your page. There are a total of 12 different modules, so play around and figure out what will work best for the specific product. You can select up to five modules per product page.

A+ Content project editor

  • Once you select the styles you want to use and are happy with your layout, click Continue.
  • Next, you will upload your images and content, and then preview your design to see exactly what consumers will see when they look at your product detail page.
  • Carefully review the preview page and make any necessary changes.
  • Lastly, select “add to cart” to see the pricing and purchase the A+ content. You’re done!

If you choose the Amazon Builds for You module, simply enter the ASIN and upload a zip file with the content you would like included.

Amazon indicates it can take up to seven days for them to approve your A+ content submission after it is purchased.

With more than half of all online shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon, optimising your product detail pages should be a key focus. Adding A+ Content to your listings provides a better buyer experience, increases customer engagement and has been shown to boost sales anywhere from 3 to 10%, according to Amazon.