Sellers in the UK feeling pain

April 29, 2007

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In early February, eBay changed the way listings work for UK sellers.  Historically UK listings have been “mirrored” to show up on the .com/USA site, thus they got ‘double’ exposure (UK+USA) -note they showed in the us in pounds currency.

When I was in the UK for catalyst, this was causing quite a bit of pain for the sellers as most had a 10-30% amount of cross-border trade to the US.  The only viable solution we could think of was to list the items directly to both sites (because mirroring was gone, but if you have 20-30%+ sales from the US, there’s clearly demand for your products).  Of course when you do this you are paying listing fees in both markets vs. one fee for 2 markets so that means a pretty substantial increase in listing fees.  Adding to this the US$ is at a very low point against the GBP which I’m sure is drying up demand from the US side as well.

Tamebay, the top UK eBay blog, has an excellent interview with a UK seller (who now leverages CA to manage the increased complexity) that is a good case study of what’s going on.