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The Jason and Scot E-Commerce Podcast Episode IV is live (A New Hope!)


Episode IV (4) of the Jason and Scot Show is available today!

This week’s topics include:

  • Cyber Five from ChannelAdvisor (Scot)
  • Jason covered some of the other data this is out there.
  • Mobile traffic and conversion rates – what’s going on?!
  • Top sellers – hoverboards/skywalkers, game consoles, Amazon and Apple devices, 4K TVs ans more
  • Outages this holiday – who was down, why and how did they react?  Don’t get SPOFFED!!
  • What did Yahoo! do to try and thwart ad blockers?
  • Amazon’s latest big drone reveal
  • Check out the cool VR Star Wars experience.

Where to listen

The biggest feedback we received from Episode 1 went like this: “My favorite podcast app is X, when will it be there?!”  Well, we spent the last week adding distribution so here is everywhere we are now:

  • iTunes – You can find our iTunes landing page here.
  • Soundcloud – You can find us on soundcloud here.  (Note this is popular for desktop streaming).
  • Stitcher – We are now on Stitcher, you can find us here.  Stitcher seems to be popular with the Android crowd.
  • Everywhere else – Most of the other podcast players utilize an RSS feed and our feed is here.  In text that is – you should be able to enter this or search ‘jasshow’.


Jason has all the links mentioned in the show here.


This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, co-founder and Executive Chairman, ChannelAdvisor.

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