• Spring 2017
  • Autumn 2016
  • Spring Release 2016

Connected E-Commerce.

Modern consumers have increasingly complicated buying journeys. Brands and retailers need to connect and optimise the critical steps along that journey to reach customers when and how they shop.

ChannelAdvisor’s next-generation products and enhancements are providing retailers and brands with the technology and services necessary to grow sales through new channels, connect to more customers and optimise operations through actionable intelligence.

So you’re connected at every step of the journey.

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Optimise Operations Through Actionable Intelligence

  • Enhance the quality of your product data with Product Content Optimisation for Google, Amazon, Instagram and other retailer and advertising destinations. You’ll reduce delivery time of your feeds, become more productive and boost overall ROAS.
  • Get the full picture on the Amazon with the centralised Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon. You’ll understand the competitive landscape, learn where you’re losing market share and gain actionable insights to help identify new growth opportunities.
  • Selling to the US? Examine your performance and determine how it measures up to competition with a series of customisable dashboards through Benchmarking for Walmart and Jet.com. Take a deep dive into particular categories and see whether you’re gaining or losing share.
  • Stay price competitive and gain visibility by winning one of the top three placements above the fold with our Algorithmic Repricer for eBay. You’ll attract more eyeballs and maximise ROI by staying within the price parameters you set.

Connect to More Customers

  • Efficiently create, manage and analyse results from new supported ad formats with Carousel Ads and Dynamic Ads for Facebook and Instagram in a central location alongside your other product ads and channels.
  • Show local shoppers in-store product availability when they search on Google with Local Inventory Ads. Optimise product content with local product data and increase offline sales through advertising.
  • Drive awareness and sales of your products sold by Amazon.com with Marketing Services for Amazon. Manage the complexity of your different Amazon ad programs, control costs and gain visibility into your performance.
  • Access millions of new customers on international marketplaces like Fruugo and Tophatter through our Access ChannelAdvisor integration.

Grow Sales Through New Channels

  • Let our Managed Services experts provide strategic guidance and better execution selling wholesale on Amazon with the Vendor Services for Amazon program. Their experience will allow you to meet your goals and objectives and guarantee a mutually beneficial relationship between you and Amazon.

Optimise your e-commerce. Find more customers.

Effectively reaching a mass audience of online shoppers is no longer a given. Consumers have options now. Millions of them. Rather than listing your products and waiting for customers to find you, you need to find them, predict their needs and strategically intercept their interest with your products.

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Find your customers on marketplaces.

Marketplaces continue to eat the world. The major marketplaces are growing larger, and new, specialised marketplaces pop up every day.

Welcome to the ChannelAdvisor Expanded Product Suite: Autumn 2016. We’re giving you access to millions of new consumers on more marketplaces around the globe. But more than that, we’re helping you optimise the way you sell on marketplaces. updated reporting dashboards for Amazon, easier access to promotional campaigns on eBay and more.

In the most recent product suite expansion, we’re giving marketplace sellers:

  • An optimised Amazon selling experience through an overhauled and customisable Amazon 360 dashboard, new optimisation dashboard, enhancements to Sponsored Products
  • A new Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon
  • Access to millions of new customers on international marketplaces through Access ChannelAdvisor
  • Support for Amazon India and connection to one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world
  • Better control over your eBay promotions through eBay promoted listings and Promotions Manager

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Find your customers through digital marketing.

Today’s customer is unpredictable. They’re on Facebook. Then Google. They’re searching on their phone. Checking Instagram. You can’t afford to wait for their attention. Your digital marketing strategies need to find them when they aren’t even shopping.

Our latest integrations provide key support for the latest in product advertising, giving you a strategic advantage everywhere from Google to Facebook and Instagram.

In the expanded product suite, we’re allowing digital marketers to:

  • Add expanded text ads to optimise the top-of-the-funnel strategies on Google and mobile devices
  • Reach the enormous audience of Facebook and Instagram through carousel ads and dynamic ads

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Guide the consumers of your brand to the best path to purchase.

We’re giving you access to more data and smarter analytics, so you’ll know who is shopping for your products and when. Insights into consumer intent within regions and postal codes to track product demand

In the expanded product suite, we’re allowing brands to:

  • Get access to advanced Buy Local reporting, including up-to-date local inventory, heat maps and more

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As e-commerce grows and expands, retailers and manufacturers face more challenges. You have more channels to worry about, more metrics to compare yourself against and more inventory to manage.

The key to your success will be leveraging innovative technology to zero in on the essential strategies for your business — and filter out the rest — from a single computer screen.

With the 2016 Spring Release, we’re bringing the expanding world of e-commerce back to your fingertips with data-driven insights, fulfilment tools, new channel integrations and more.

Marketplaces in Focus.

  • Organise your Amazon efforts and make data-driven decisions with the predictive analytics in our revamped Amazon Insights
  • Create an inbound shipping plan and view vital stats, analytics and opportunities for growth with the FBA Inventory Management dashboard
  • Connect with new consumers by integrating your product line with Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers

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Digital Marketing in Focus.

  • Allow the data-driven insights of Digital Marketing Benchmarking to give you perspective on your performance, the performance of your competitors and your future direction for Google Shopping
  • Get strategic about the customers you target with Google RLSA and Customer Match

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Branded Manufacturers in Focus.

  • Enable customers to find retailers with your products with new Buy Local functionality, as well as the new report centre
  • Provide actionable insights about online assortment, merchandising and pricing with Product Intelligence

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