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ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy

Every day, customers come to your website to research your products. Once they’ve made the decision to buy, why let them go anywhere else? ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy is the next logical step in the customer journey. By placing a simple widget on your product page, you provide instant purchasing power for your consumer via a seamless journey from your website directly to your preferred reseller’s sites.

Not only is Where to Buy an essential part of a strong e-commerce strategy, but in the end, you get more robust customer data, your dealers get quality leads, and your customers get a smooth shopping experience.

  • A Seamless Purchase Path

    Turn browsers into buyers on your website with direct links to retailers’ product pages.

  • Local Knowledge

    Let shoppers know which nearby brick-and-mortar locations carry your product.

  • Stronger Channels

    Reinforce all your channel partnerships by referring quality traffic to their sites and stores.

  • Custom Reporting

    Create, schedule, and automate reports across retailers, categories and campaigns.

  • Better Analytics

    Track page impressions, leads and customer information that you drive to your retail partners.

  • Intelligent Updates

    Relax knowing that seller links are dynamically updated based on the rules you set.

  • More Online Options

    Create a better end-to-end experience by providing quality buying options to customers.

  • Social Currency

    Drive new sales by embedding WTB in display ads on the web and social channels.

Our Approach

You’ve spent time and money driving customers to your website. They’ve found the product they want, and they are ready to purchase — only to hit a dead end.  Don’t force your customer to look elsewhere to buy; potentially your competitor’s site, to find the product they want.  

Buy Online guides your customer efficiently through the purchase journey and allows them to take action on their buying impulse by providing immediate access to your trusted seller network.


  • A Better Partner

    Strengthen relationships with your authorised channel partners by sending interested customers to the products they want.

  • Product Links

    Provides shoppers with a deep link from your site directly to the product page on your retailer’s site.

  • Cart Links

    Remove a step for consumers by allowing them to add a product directly to their shopping cart on a retailer’s site.

  • The Primary Resource

    Become the most trusted product resource for your customers by connecting them with more information and options.

Our Approach

Buyers want options. Whether your customer buys from your website, your partners’ website, or the shop around the corner, your site should be the first stop on the buyer’s journey. If your buyer wants to find a nearby store to purchase your product, shouldn’t your website help them get there as quickly as possible? ChannelAdvisor Buy Local gives your customers convenient nearby purchasing options — including maps — right down to the store level.

And best of all? It provides you with analytic insights into their journey.


  • Consumer Satisfaction

    Give shoppers peace of mind by letting them see the product in person before purchase.

  • Store Locator

    Display nearby physical store locations (and a map) of your retail partners.

  • Product Locator

    Go a step further and show in-store product selection within your buyer's geographic area.

  • Stock Locator

    Show dynamically updated in-stock product availability from your retailers in a certain geographic area.

After implementing ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy, Power Stop has increased its conversion rates from advertising campaigns by restructuring how consumers purchase the company’s brake pads online.

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