Pricing Strategies

Be the Most Competitive Seller on Every Channel

With more than half of online shoppers regularly comparing product prices across sellers, having a dynamic pricing strategy in place is essential to e-commerce success. Our intelligent pricing tools allow you to easily compete on price across all of your sales channels. Use the Algorithmic Repricer with Price Manager on any product to capture more buy box, best offer and above-the-fold positions at the highest prices possible while staying compliant across Amazon, eBay and other channels. Or, use Performance-Based Pricing to make automatic adjustments based on real-time product demand.

How It Works

Algorithmic Repricer with Price Manager automates repricing across nearly 100 marketplaces and webstores while helping to reduce the risk of noncompliance. Our repricing technology uses real-time analytics to automatically evaluate and adjust prices based on your desired SKU-level maxes and minimums. You’ll secure more sales at the highest margins possible — with far less effort.

Best of all, using multiple repricers is not a problem thanks to our Price Manager. This feature aligns your competitive prices across channels — think Amazon and eBay as well as Walmart and Google — so you can reduce your risk of breaching marketplace policies. Your repricers will act independently to come up with the best decision for each marketplace, and then automatically apply the optimised price to all of your supported marketplaces and webstores. You choose which marketplace or webstore price changes based on your goals. It’s how we empower you to automate repricing across nearly 100 marketplaces and webstores without worrying about noncompliance.

  • More profitable Amazon buy box wins. We’ll monitor the competitive landscape of your ASIN to arrive at the highest possible price within the parameters you set. Sellers using our Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon have seen same-store sales grow 19% more than those that don’t.
  • More top-three placements on eBay. We’ll help you capture more buyers without sacrificing revenue by responding dynamically to changes within the eBay marketplace while staying within your price parameters.

Performance-Based Pricing automatically adjusts your product prices based on the latest sales trends. If sales dip, so can the price. When orders occur with more frequency, you can set your account to once again raise the cost of that item.

Performance-Based Pricing eliminates the need to manually monitor inventory levels or scour sites for sales velocity data. Simply create your desired business rules to have pricing automatically adjusted — and not just on one channel, but across numerous marketplaces and webstores. It means spending less on storage fees for underperforming products and earning more for top-performing SKUs.

Ready to Get Started with Pricing Strategies?

Always offer the most competitive and profitable product prices by relying on our Algorithmic Repricers and Performance-Based Pricing technology. Request a demo to see it in action.