Champions On DisplayScoring a 20% increase in sales every year

Company Overview

Champions On Display has provided enthusiastic sports fans with NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and NHL merchandise, apparel and fan gear since 2002 when it opened its first online eBay store. Champions On Display was created for the sports fan, by the sports fan. Its goal is to celebrate the passion for both professional and collegiate-level sports teams and the athletes who make them great by providing top-quality sports merchandise combined with superior customer service to create an exceptional online shopping experience for sports fans of all ages.

The Situation

When Darrin Walters, co-founder of Champions On Display, started selling on eBay, he quickly realised that the company had enormous potential but he needed help managing sales and inventory to boost business to the next level. Walters knew Champions On Display would have to implement a software solution to assist with inventory control, but with limited in-house technical support he needed outside expertise as well.

When Walters was contacted by ChannelAdvisor, he was drawn to Marketplaces, which would solve his immediate needs. It was the full ChannelAdvisor platform, however, that really sold him on the concept that he could begin with Marketplaces on eBay, add Amazon and Shopping, then expand to include Digital Marketing.

The Solution

Champions on Display did indeed expand to both Amazon and Shopping through ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, then added Digital Marketing.

“Initially, I could see ChannelAdvisor’s potential to help us manage eBay exponentially better,” said Walters. “Then, we expanded to use the entire ChannelAdvisor platform, and our business really catapulted to the next level.”

According to Walters, “With a small business, the bottom line always matters. We probably wouldn’t have expanded to multiple channels if it weren’t for ChannelAdvisor. Comparison shopping engines would have required a full-time employee to do what we do through ChannelAdvisor: set up the feeds, make sure they go out every day and respond to the dynamic changes of each CSE. All we have to do is look at the results and make sure our products are performing well.”

“ChannelAdvisor revolutionised our sales,” continued Walters. “Having insight into our products’ status to ensure that everything is continuously available online would have been impossible to do without software to help us. The ChannelAdvisor platform maximises the presence of our inventory access channels and tracks everything to ensure that we’re not overselling.”

The reporting and analytics functions of the ChannelAdvisor platform were also a big draw for Walters as he could quickly view transactional data by date, week, month or quarter, and compare sales and trends across all channels. “We used to have to go to each paid search and comparison shopping engine to track results, now we can just look at the interface to see what is and isn’t working, which has made management much easier.”

The Results

Champions On Display has been a ChannelAdvisor customer for more than five years, and Walters says he’s looking forward to the future.

“If we have a problem or suggestion, we feel like we’re heard and that it’s quickly addressed. Everyone from support to sales to management has been very helpful and interested in our business,” said Walters.

“When we first started with ChannelAdvisor we saw a significant bump in our sales right away, on eBay and on added solutions as well,” concluded Walters. “We’ve seen a 10-20% increase in sales every year with ChannelAdvisor, and that’s through a recession when many of our competitors have not seen the same results.”

Champions On Display

Location:Oklahoma, US


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