Majestic Auto PartsMajestic Auto Parts Speeds Through Launch Process and Nearly Doubles Sales on eBay

Company Overview

By sourcing automotive parts from quality manufacturers, Majestic Auto Parts is committed to offering a wide range of top quality aftermarket auto parts to our customers at competitive prices. The company stands behind our products and offers customer service second to none in ensuring client satisfaction. The company is led by a management team with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive parts industry and is staffed by a team of automotive industry professionals.

The Situation

Majestic Auto Parts had been selling products at their website and on eBay, but wanted to expand their reach to drive sales. “We knew different marketplaces, such as eBay, are a great way to get our automotive products in front of prospects we have not reached but our resources were limited”  said Brent Calagoure, president of Majestic Auto Parts. “Early on we focused on eBay and our website as the two marketplaces to sell on, but we weren’t seeing great results. We knew we could do better.”

With a small team Calagoure was concerned Majestic Auto Parts didn’t have the resources to tackle relaunching on eBay and then Amazon, launches that would require advanced technical experience paired with an advanced supply chain solution to meet the potential uptick in orders.

The Solution

Calagoure and the team turned to ChannelAdvisor to help list the company’s products on eBay. “We didn’t want to continue doing this alone. We knew it would be a daunting task to continue to manage our website sales in addition to eBay sales ourselves,” said Calagoure.

Majestic Auto Parts decided to use ChannelAdvisor’s Launch Plus Services for eBay and Launch Assistance Service for Amazon. With the help of a ChannelAdvisor implementation consultant, Calagoure and his team were able to walk through the process to launch on eBay.

Majestic Auto Parts also knew that enabling eBay would require a supply chain solution which would scale to accommodate their anticipated growth. Before launching a strategic partnership with ChannelAdvisor, the company turned to FedEx® Fulfillment to streamline shipping, inventory management, transportation and returns. The FedEx Fulfillment platform also included a preconfigured integration with ChannelAdvisor, further simplifying the implementation for Majestic Auto Parts.

“I would get regular updates from our ChannelAdvisor implementation consultant throughout the launch process. We would work on the action items, we’d have a question for our implementation consultant and they would get back to us quickly. It was a really seamless process to launch on eBay,” noted Calagoure.

The Results

On July 20, 2017, Majestic Auto Parts signed on for ChannelAdvisor’s Launch Plus Services for eBay. A mere six weeks later, by August 31, 2017, the company was fully launched on eBay.

“There’s no way we could have launched on eBay this quickly or smoothly,” said Calagoure. “ChannelAdvisor’s team and software offered us this expertise that we needed to list and manage our products on eBay.”

Majestic Auto Parts lists over 500 SKUs on eBay. “We have plans to list nearly 2,700 SKUs on eBay next,” said Calagoure. The company was also able to list over 300 SKUs on Amazon, but with the added benefit of being able to search by fitment. “When searching for automotive parts, it’s critical that shoppers find the part that meets their specific need. Now that our products are searchable by make, model and year, products are easier to search for and ultimately easier to purchase.”

“I’ve also been very happy with how easily items flow through the sales and fulfillment process. Products are listed, purchased and fulfilled with fewer manual steps,” said Calagoure.

Majestic Auto Parts reported that prior to ChannelAdvisor the company was selling $30,000 a month on eBay. Since launching on eBay with ChannelAdvisor’s help, the company saw over $57,000 in sales in September 2017.

“With ChannelAdvisor’s help we were able to improve product images, streamline inventory updates and ensure the consistency of listings,” said Calagoure. “Since we launched we’ve seen sales on eBay increase and are looking forward to seeing this trend on Amazon.”

Majestic Auto Parts

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