Pandora's OEMProduct Content Optimisation Increased Monthly Marketplace Sales 112% Year Over Year on Sears

Company Overview

Pandora’s OEM is a certified wholesaler and retailer of authentic and aftermarket parts for major appliance, plumbing and HVAC brands. With some 130,000 SKUs spanning dozens of brands — from Whirlpool to KitchenAid to Samsung, plus dozens more — the company connects DIY customers and service professionals to a wide range of the repair parts and tools they need at prices they can afford.

It’s just a matter of standing out from other online sellers. And for that, the company leans heavily on the ChannelAdvisor platform.

The Situation

It all started at Catalyst. Amid the three days of breakouts at ChannelAdvisor’s annual conference was one particularly popular session that covered the top 10 tactics to help improve sales. Among the attendees was James Alexander, Pandora’s OEM COO. He was taking detailed notes.

“The number one tactic to help improve sales was evaluating data quality,” Alexander said of the lessons he learned. Turns out, he noted, that “data quality is imperative to online sales and SEO. During this broad discussion, another sub-topic that came up was the importance of structured data.”

The reason: Each advertising and comparison shopping engine has its own set of specifications for properly feeding product data into the system, and those data feed requirements change constantly. Failure to maintain the right mix of keywords, descriptions and other key data can make it difficult — if not impossible — to show up in search engines and marketplaces.

Alexander was intrigued, and decided it was time to take action.

The Solution

Pandora’s OEM turned to ChannelAdvisor Product Content Optimisation (PCO), which enables brands and retailers to quickly and accurately map product data to the correct fields on various channels. The technology is designed to enable e-commerce companies to get the most out of each product listing on every retail destination or ad network.

“Marketplaces are requiring better content and images,” said Alexander, who manages content for eBay, Sears and Amazon. “It only makes sense because it improves their marketplace, but at the same time improves the visibility of your listings … [it] doesn’t take much to suggest that it would also improve sales.”

It was with this strategy in mind that Alexander began to leverage PCO. The approach quickly paid off.

“It’s like drinking a kale smoothie in the morning,” he said. “You will undoubtedly see the benefits if you have the discipline and patience to see it through.”

The Results

“Scrubbing data,” as Alexander calls it, has had a major impact on product performance.

“Following this seemingly small improvement, we saw monthly eBay sales increase by nearly 20% year over year,” Alexander said. “We have seen monthly sales on Sears jump by as much as 112% year over year.”

While other factors may have played a role in these increases, Alexander noted an immediate increase in sales on Sears after uploading the higher-quality product content — all thanks to a decision to attend a one-hour breakout session at Catalyst.

“If we took the sales increases after only implementing the #1 tactic from that Top 10 seminar, the sales from that alone would buy our Catalyst passes for years to come.”

Alexander says he’ll continue to seek advice from the e-commerce experts at ChannelAdvisor, where he’s continually getting the strategic support needed to retain a true competitive edge.

“We have an amazing account manager who reminds us of tactics and works them into our monthly review to continue improving sales and assisting us in our growth,” he explained. “ChannelAdvisor has been an integral part of our success and continues to be every day.”

Pandora’s OEM

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