Where to Buy

The ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy Module (“Where to Buy”) assists consumers in navigating from Customer’s digital assets (which include websites or other digital content), to the websites of Resellers who stock or are likely to stock Customer’s products for purchase. Where to Buy displays information to consumers about those Resellers that sell the products manufactured or distributed by Customer in a way that allows consumers to navigate to the Reseller site where they can purchase the product.

Customer shall provide ChannelAdvisor with all necessary access and assistance to all resources required to effect implementation.

The list of Resellers to be used by Where to Buy shall be supplied by Customer and may be updated periodically.

The information displayed about resellers via Where to Buy is dynamic and may change without notice. ChannelAdvisor does not control such information and shall not be responsible to Customer or to any third party for the information.

ChannelAdvisor may change or remove content within Where to Buy if a rights owner or other interested party requests that ChannelAdvisor do so, if ChannelAdvisor, in its sole discretion, believes it or Customer may incur liability, or if ChannelAdvisor is required to do so by law, government order or other legal process.